“Since this class began me and my boyfriend have been practicing abstinence since than our relationship has grown. Thank you guys so much!”
~ Chawntavia Beverly

“This class was pretty fun I wish I could have it again not because the free food but for the knowledge that I will pass on to other people. Take care oh my!” 

“This program has helped me tremendously and has told me many things I didn’t know I felt like I can say what I wanted without being judged. I also looked forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays. I love this program and if I could come every year I would.”
~Jada Wesley

“This program has made me more certain that I will wait until marriage to involve myself in sexual intercourse and remain abstinent. I will also remain healthy and continue to take care of myself and be cautious to protect myself from diseases. This program helped a lot and I’m thankful to have had someone care enough to take time to teach me these things and keep me well informed. Thank you.”
~ Taylor High School Student

Our mission is to inspire excellence and promote leadership to youth through one-on-one and group mentoring, education, music and the performing arts. We seek to provoke positive change and enrichment in our communities.  

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